Island Developers

Over the past two decades, Island Developers has been at the forefront of premiere residential, hospitality, marine, and aviation development in The Bahamas. With a track record that includes the construction of more than 400 luxury residences, a 350-key hotel, a 15,000 square foot casino, and a 240-slip marina – the largest in The Bahamas, and one of the largest in the Caribbean – Island Developers is a boutique development and construction company distinguished by their deep experience with complex properties in remote island locations. Their expertise extends to critical infrastructure that provides the necessary foundation for and optimal operation of properties, including utilities, all civil-related work (water, sewer, paving, telecommunications, fiber optics, and network installation) channel construction, runways, airport terminals, international shipping and port facilities (ISPF) zones and operations. Long-standing relationships with local government officials and detailed understanding of policies and regulations enable Island Developers to move projects from concept to completion efficiently and effectively.

Co-founding partners Alejandro Capo and Rafael Reyes are now expanding on the company’s portfolio of exceptional properties with the creation of illa, a new concept in ultra-luxury residential and hospitality properties for the world’s most desirable holiday and weekend getaway locations. Designed to offer serene escapes where guests and owners can disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with their spirit, family, and friends, illa properties will be distinguished by world-class architecture and interior design inspired by their locale.

Alex Capo

Alejandro Capo is a principal of Island Developers and a third-generation builder with over 20 years’ experience. Mr. Capo’s passion for construction and development began in childhood as he visited job sites in the United States and The Bahamas with his father. His commitment to the industry has continually expanded since then. Mr. Capo is a licensed general contractor in the State of Florida and has directed the development and construction of more than 400 residential units valued over $200 million during the course of the last decade. Residences he has constructed in South Florida and The Bahamas include luxury waterfront private estates. Mr. Capo also managed the construction of the largest marina in The Bahamas and among the top 10 largest in the Caribbean.

Rafael Reyes

Over the past 19 years, Island Developers principal Rafael Reyes, has been responsible for overseeing the management of all of the company’s operations in the United States and the Caribbean. Mr. Reyes also has two decades of experience in the financial industry. In the late 1990s, he acquired a 50% stake in a small mortgage banking company, which he grew into a $350 million per year firm with direct endorsement relationships with major financial institutions, including Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, and Washington Mutual. He sold his stake in the bank in 2003 to pursue his passion for real estate development. Over the past decade, Mr. Reyes has been a partner in residential land construction development projects throughout Florida valued over a total of $100 million.

Arthur Hernandez

Island Developers principal Arthur Hernandez has two decades of experience in logistics and procurement, specializing in the identification and acquisition-at-auction of heavy on-site equipment for the company’s projects in The Bahamas. Mr. Hernandez also oversees the timely and organized transportation of materials to The Bahamas, ensuring that crews are able to proceed with construction activities as planned and with optimal efficiency at every stage of development from ground breaking through project completion. A veteran of construction and development in The Bahamas, Mr. Hernandez began his work in the region with a 282-unit residential project in Nassau.

Oppenheim Architecture

Oppenheim Architecture is an international design practice operating with the philosophy that design follows life and form follows feeling. The firm designs and builds with the land, not on the land – framing nature through shapes and textures that enhance and celebrate their surroundings. Oppenheim strives to find harmony with nature in order to connect people with place.

Working out of Miami, New York and Basel, the firm crafts its designs by carefully balancing the needs of the individual and the attributes of the location. Oppenheim’s work, including hospitality, commercial, retail and residential projects spanning more than 25 countries, carries an inherent sense of monumentality, producing meaningful moments that are both impactful and contemplative.